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Slave rape
Slave rape:

The girl that played an innocent slave girl Izaura in one of the soap operas of the past century that was like music to the soul of millions of the housewives took part in the beautiful and simultaneously extremely hardcore rape scene. The guys grabbed the maiden that was just walking in the street and drove her by the same car that had brought her here. After getting to the spot, they tore off her clothing having pushed her on the car hood and previewdownload
Home rape
Home rape:

The girl was quietly sleeping in the arms of the blanket at her home. It seemed that the walls of the native apartment will defend her from any troubles and hardships, but she was seriously mistaken. Her sleeping was broken by three Bad Guys that had forced their way into the house having broken the door. Two ones caught the lass and started holding her, and the third one having straddled her legs satisfied his flesh inside the drowsing vagina of the teeny. previewdownload
Prison rape
Prison rape:

Having spent a few months in the prison among jungles where prison horror becomes even more frightening than in other jails, a red-streak managed to escape and hide in the very midst of the dense tropical forest. Peacefully bathing in the river, she didn't take notice of two hacks seeking for her had sneaked up to her and after that ruthlessly rape her body. previewdownload
The rape of lady-in-waiting
The rape of lady-in-waiting:

The eighteenth century is famous not only for luxury and beauty of garment, but also sexual mercilessness that was present even in the elite society. And in this case as well, the waiting lady was raped by three soldiers that were on a visit to her house. They were doing all they wanted because they perfectly knew that at that time and in such recess she had no place to complaint to. previewdownload
Group rape of the youthful babe
Group rape of the youthful babe:

Lots of young couples leave for abandoned places cause of the absence of the isolated place and try to make yum-yum right in saloon. This pair had done in the same way, but they were interrupted by three clod-hoppers that got the girl out of the car, and while one was beating her boyfriend, two other ones screwed the lily-white lass right on the spot. The group rape of the blue-eyed girlie took place right in front of her young man. previewdownload
Cruel rape in prison
Cruel rape in prison:

The female tourist accidentally ended up in the local prison. She was detained by mistake as she had been identified a prostitute cause of bright clothing, but it was found out later. At night a sex-hungry opened a cell and having torn off the clothing on the poor tourist ruthlessly raped an unhappy babe. And however she resisted shouting and screaming, no one helped her as that guy was a prison guard. previewdownload
Rape scene from Russian movie
Rape scene from Russian movie:

The girl was just taking a walk to her house from school at a day time when her classmate looked out of the window of the neighboring house and invited her to his apartment to celebrate his birthday. The girl naively paid a visit to him and two buddies of his. There passed only a few minutes and being on a visit for a poor girl resulted in the terror of the assault by three lads. previewdownload
An old josser rapes a girl
An old josser rapes a girl:

The daughter came together with her school female friend with whom she decided to do some school lessons. And while a friend was making herself comfortable in the daughter's bedroom, a maiden went to take a shower. An old crumb had gone sexually energized about the youthful girlie and having dashed into the room assaulted a daughter's school friend, but the daughter didn't hear anything cause of the water noise in the bathroom. previewdownload
Hardcore rape of the American babe
Hardcore rape of the American babe:

Investigating South-American tribes, a lady-professor went to the jungles in search for the aborigines on her own, but that was her error as the local customs are rather merciless in respect to women. The local Indians accompanied a girl to the glade among the bush, attacked her there and their chief one raped a white female professor. previewdownload
Store room assault
Store room assault:

This jellybean is a shop-girl and went to the utility room to get some goods where she had being expected by a dirty dude with a pistol. The girl expected to be robbed, but the guy needed something different. He made her get undressed under the muzzle, and then raped her brutally right in the shop store room on the good's packages. previewdownload
Night rape by the fire
Night rape by the fire:

The couple went to the picnic to the forest intending to spend a night there, and while a lad was doing something in the trunk space, a broad-jumper attacked him and having deafened him, roped. He denuded the babe by the fire and started raping her right before the eyes of her boyfriend that had to watch a bulldozer was licking off a naked girl's body and then harshly pushes his penis into her. previewdownload
House rape
House rape:

The mother left alone without a husband a long time ago, and after the husband's death her only consolation was a young beautiful daughter that she had been keeping from scathe so much, but the trouble arrived unexpectedly. The door of their apartment was opened, and there emerged two men on the porch that beat mummy to the black and blue that was defending her daughter and assaulted a youthful baby. previewdownload
Wife rape by violators
Wife rape by violators:

A husband and wife lived together and were happy and that was exactly the thing irritating local moral freaks, and the latter decided to revenge people for happiness. Having broken into the house, they bound and beat a husband, and then made him watch the way two lug-clippers were rape his beloved young wifie, insolently laughing over his helplessness. previewdownload
Rape in forest
Rape in forest:

An alone young woman has to do hard on her own, especially when she is completely defenseless against the violation from the side of the males. The forest rape took place when the woman was walking in the woods and rejoicing at the beauty of trees. She was snatched by three tommy busters and being knocked down on the grass was mercilessly raped by them. It was all going on until all three glutted themselves with her. previewdownload
Garage rape
Garage rape:

This bulldozer proved to be cunning and especially perverted. He wanted to go on the gratification without the risk and that's why he had caught his victim beforehand and drove her to his own large garage. Having bound a totally naked maiden to the stave, he had been deriding over her before he got inside her throbbing womb with his stiff sexually energized phallus. previewdownload
Special-order wife rape
Special-order wife rape:

In spite of its affluence, the rich classes also risk to be become victims of the accidental raping from the side of maniacs. This rich family couple left to be alone in the luxurious house, and at that very moment a maniac broke into the mansion, tightly bound a husband and committed a sexual assault of his wife right in front of him with all possible cruelty. previewdownload
Beautiful sister rape
Beautiful sister rape:

The kinship proved to be no obstacle for committing a sexual assault for this guy. His unrestrained sexual desire got the better of the mind and love to the sister. She was so sexy being dressed in rest gown twisting her booty that he couldn't keep the resistance and rape his sister. She was begging him to stop, but his answer was deeper and deeper pushing his penis into her. previewdownload
Night group ravishment
Night group ravishment:

A youthful gadget was having a walk by the house when she was snatched by three lads and drove out of the city in a car. Being stark nude, she was compelled to run around a glade, and afterwards being placed on the hayloft, she was brutally raped by every bulldozer filling her with his own orgasm and loudly sighing over her body in turns. They were deafening her unhappy and weeping calls for help. previewdownload
Blonde rape
Blonde rape:

The girl was fond of beautiful bikes and shaggy bikers that smelt of beer and petrol, but her love led her to one old barn with one biker. He enchained her hands with manacles so that she wouldn't be able to keep resistance. The girl's frightened eyes understood his mood rather soon, and she hadn't been mistaken as that shaggy biker raped a young blonde. previewdownload
Raped girl
Raped girl:

Two clod-hoppers and a female invited a maiden to their house on a visit. The make-believe was just having a rest and drink. The lass agreed not realizing upon what she consented. When they crooked the elbow, a young one was proposed a game as a result of which she was bound to the bed back. However, they decided not to play, but just rape her roughly with all their small company. previewdownload

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