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Drunk pupils raped teacher in the class:

The work in the provincial senior high school fell to young teacherís share. That school had a reputation for high level of criminality. The girl was delivering a lesson in class which consisted only of boys that feasted their eyes on her. The school principal who was a tall woman with golden hair came to lesson and provided boys with Kentucky corn, and then gave the command to rape a new female teacher. Young hooligans were looking forward right to that signal in order to abuse the new teacher with the entire class. previewdownload
A girl was kept a hostage and assaulted every day:

The brunette with young beautiful body was taken stock of by these three blokes and the girls that were involved into driving girls into sexual slavery, transforming them from usual gals into obedient and serviceable sex toys. Firstly, the lass was kept bound with plugged mouth and abused with closed eyes, but after a while the maiden became absolutely submissive as she lost hope of deliverance and came to perform any whims of her hosts in a submissive way. previewdownload
The lass urged forward guys to ravishing her ladyfriend:

A young maiden and two friends of hers took a girl for a walk together with themselves. The brunette that had been going out with boys-brothers for a long time yet was as loose as a goose, but her girl friend was on tenterhooks and treated them with distrust, and not in vain. When the brunette drank beer, she proposed the guys to rape her ladyfriend herself, as she considered her to be a sissy and should be taught all pleasures. By means of this brunette, two blokes raped an unhappy babe in the forest and abandoned her there. previewdownload
Four bandits are assaulting girl at her home:

A lass took shower and having put on the dressing gown entered the room. She heard a local band in masks and helmets behind the door. The gang was breaking the door. She ran immediately back to the bathroom and tried to creep through narrow window, but the band had broken earlier and had time to take her out of the window. She was placed on the bed by help of the whole gang who were holding the babe. Everybody was lucky to content themselves with her gorgeous flesh in course of assault and battery. previewdownload
Public rape session in the bar:

The threesome of revelers and a girl in their company were sitting and drinking in a bar. Then those guys fell down off the chair together with lass and having picked her up didnít let her go, but put on the table and started undressing. The barmen tried to horn in, but his club was taken away and he was threatened with it. A young couple that was in the bar had to watch all that, and the guy couldnít do anything either as three large guys with club will dispatch with him and his maiden without ceremony if he steps in. previewdownload
Black-skinned boy raped blonde:

A rich lady let her acquainted black man into her house who had worked at her plant. He seemed a rather decent person to her, and when asked to handle affairs, she didnít refuse. But as soon as that black decent by the look of his bloke in jacket entered the house, he tried to tear the dress off the girl immediately. She ran away from him with screams towards the second floor, but he seized her in bedroom and having thrown on the bed, raped white blonde. previewdownload
Jack saw his girlfriend being raped:

The guy with a lass went out on the picnic and climbed a small hill where they spent the night. At night the boy went into bush in order to have a smoke and sat down by the trees. There appeared a company of four young blokes by the tent. They dragged out a sleeping lass, and started beating and ravishing. This funny company raped kitten, and her boyfriend was watching from the height of the slope and was undertaking nothing for her protection and escaped when bandits finished off. previewdownload
Bank robber raped lass by the safe:

Two robbers with stockings on heads rushed into little department of the bank , and while young freebooter was spying on hostages in the main building, the second entered the room with safe, having taken a lass with himself that knew the lock code. The harpy pointed a pistol to her while she was getting money out of the safe and putting into bag. The figure of the young spivot seemed to be very attractive to the harrier, and having plugged her mouth and pushed muzzle into back of the head, raped maiden by the safe. previewdownload
The ravishment by FBI agent:

Long-haired and well-built gal wore a leather jacket, and that was what attracted policeman in strict costume. The girl was a suspect in the arson, and thatís why having locked himself in the empty room, the cop undressed lass and started ravishing. She was maintaining oppression and begged for mercy, but the choice was either violation or a few years of imprisonment. Thatís why the maiden endured violence over herself. previewdownload
A guy raped maiden from college:

According to the ritual, the school party of American senior high school students passes in some deserted place in the field, and there are old barns nearby. Having brought the lass into one of the sheds, the guy starts putting the make on her, but the girl hugs and kisses him herself. It was all smooth and okie-dokie, till the guy drove his hand under the girlís dress. She started pushing him away. The ardor of the drunk and young chap was ceaseless, and having put her on the floor, he tossed panties off her and violated. previewdownload
Bandits raped girl, threatening with arms:

A guy carried a girl by the car far away into the midst of the forest where they wanted to stay all alone in order to indulge in their youthful passion. Having stopped on the glade, they were kissing in the car, but the car was discovered by two guys with shot gun at that very moment. Gangsters got them out of car and brought as far as possible from the car, and having roped the bloke there, raped the cuzie in the night woods, and then killed both guy and his girl with rifle. previewdownload
The guy raped drunk female school leaver:

The school leaving party meant a great holiday for a girl, but youthful creature took a bit too much alcohol and got to the bedroom by means of the lad. She didnít manage to get undressed and fell down on the bed. He started helping her, taking the shoes off her, then dress and denuding her wonderful young body. Finally, the jumper tossed off panties, and despite yelps and oppression of school leaverís, he raped her on the bed. previewdownload

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