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The rape by barbarians against the background of fire:

Fleeing away from the gang of cult followers, a girl closed herself in her house, but they set it on fire, and she had to run out! Having seized her there under wild and unutterable yells, they brought her to the fire, and chieftain, having colored himself with white paint, started violating her while two ones were holding her against the backdrop of fire. The flame of the fire destroying the house combined with violence that was murdering her, and finally the scalp was taken off her. previewdownload
Murder and sexual offences:

Living alone with little son, a girl becomes a victim of the armed band, consisting of four drug addicts. The four ones got into her house. The maiden ran to the bathroom, but they reached it as well, having broken the door. The lass had enough time to take out a gun and pointed at one of the rapists, but two other ones put pistol to the boyís head, and she had to surrender. Beating the young thing, they stained both themselves and her with blood, but continued ravishing angel. previewdownload
Mother was abused right in front of childrenís eyes:

A female prosecutor performed her work in a straightforward way, proving the guiltiness of one of the criminals, but his buddies made up their mind to revenge for a sidekick. They broke in her house at Christmas night, and taking advantage of no man in the house, took control of the situation very quickly. They ravished a girl right before young childrenís eyes, and then flooded with alcohol, firing with brand from the fireplace. previewdownload
Young forest rangerís wife was raped on marriage bed:

A couple took up their residence in old wooden hut on the lake surrounded by the forest. But the local residents didnít like them for some reason. Having heard steps outside at night, the guy rousted out his girl, and they tried to get out of house, but the door swung open all of a sudden, and one of the attackers smashed bottle against guyís head from behind. And the girl was laid in bed and ravished by three. previewdownload
The butch pressed school girl to the ground and assaulted:

The school is rather far away from home, but the girl is usually taken by father, or she walks together with friend girl. Toda daddy couldnít take her away, but she didnít want to walk with girl friend along winding loops of the road, and thatís why ran directly through forest along paths. Having felt shadowing after herself, the lass ran sacredly, but fell down on the next hill, and rapist attacked her. Having shut the mouth with hand and pressed to the cold ground, he came down to be violating blue-eyed school girl. previewdownload
The bandits beat a guy and made watch:

The beginning of the previous century witnessed a wild country full of criminals in hats and with revolvers. The couple of youngsters set off on a journey. Having executed a halt, the male made a fire and left for firewood, and the girl spread out a coverlet on the ground. The guys snatched a boy and bound, then brought him to the fire and roped to the tree right in front of the maiden that they got down to ravishing the whole boiling by the fire. previewdownload
Young girlís rape at the barrel of a pistol:

Young, naive and lovely, the lass enjoys both fascinating body and wonderful cutie with golden curls. Still, her mind isnít adult enough yet so that she would be cautious enough. She came to the guy and remained with him alone in an empty house. She liked him, and having sat down on the sofa, they fell into kissing. Firstly, the girl liked everything, but he started demanding more than just smooches. When she began to turn to bay, he took out a pistol and ordered to climb out of clothing, and then ravished babe. previewdownload
Fivesome Cypress Hill:

The lass was peacefully drowsing in the living room of the house when heard a noise outside. She got up and decided to have a look at the occurring event, but at that moment the balconyís door opened and five drunk males broke in. The maiden tried to flee, but was surrounded by them. To escape from them, the lass struggled in their arms several times, but finally five males managed to undress and violate her the whole blessed lot. previewdownload
The rape of blonde at pistolís hindsight:

A guy caught a youthful blonde and roped her hands behind the back, and glued mouth with Scotch. Being at home, the lass had only a gown on, and that was very comfortable for a butch. Threatening her with pistol with suppressor, he came down to undress her body with big beautiful bossom. Having placed blonde on the table, he was groping and kissing her boobs, and attacking at the same time, and she couldnít even utter a sound. previewdownload
The hubby was watching his wife assaulted by two males:

Two male criminals and a female outlaw broke into quiet apartment. Having kicked the guy with a leg and pushed him on the arm-chair, the lass launched a blow into crotched area. This guyís wife was knocked down on the floor by felons and had her clothing torn apart. The lass pointed a pistol to the husbandís temple, and two men-criminals were attacking a woman on the floor. The lass was defending herself and spitting into the face of butches, but they beat and abused her. After ravishment they poured over the flat with gasoline and set on fire. previewdownload
Rape and sexual assault in cafe:

A night roadside cafe is usually closed late night by the girl-waitress and her ladyfriend-cook. The blond waitress went to lock the door, but the phone rang up at that moment and, having left keys on the counter, didnít lock the door. There broke three bandits with Winchester into cafe and having grabbed a waitress raped her on the floor behind the counter. There ran out a second girl to a shout, but she fell into an even worse share. The bandits took her with themselves, and having raped in the van, threw out in the forest. previewdownload
The teacher attacked by pupilís parents:

The teacher of the provincial school started her work from severe discipline in the class, and the pupils didnít listen to her, she sent for their parents to the meeting late night. Pupilís fathers came, but they were even worse than pupils. They held her up to mockery, and having seized her and tossed her belongings from the table later on, put down and undressed a teacher. And holding her with all company then started to rape Box and Cox. previewdownload

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