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Young girl forcedly raped by four teenagers
Young girl forcedly raped by four teenagers:

A young girl on her trustfulness and innocent of mind came to visit the guys to sit and have fun to drink beer. She did not never drink that much alcohol and so didnít calculated norm dosage and drank too much, and guys are got drank and wanted sex and they stripped the girl, alcoholized her and then raped by all four, she cried and asked them to stop, but they continued and continued. previewdownload
Rich mafia raped the girl in the car
Rich mafia raped the girl in the car:

Mafioso of the early twentieth century in America had freedom of what they wanted. One of the Mafioso met a girl, which also liked him. After a romantic dinner, he sat her in the car and on the way they began kissing. A girl liked this, but wanted stop, but he did not want it. And the Mafioso had raped the girl in the back seat of his car. previewdownload
The actress was raped in an acting troupe
The actress was raped in an acting troupe:

Tabor barnstormer of past centuries in which a new girl got as actress, she was a gorgeous blonde and likely to the chef of camp, which is very badly made short work of their victims. The entire troupe grabbed her and undressed her by holding her on their arms bare, they opened her legs for the camp leader, which is roughly started raping the girl in front of everyone. previewdownload
Raped by her own volition
Raped by her own volition:

The beginning of the twentieth century-and-dirty port bar full of drunken sailors and local harbor vagrants. The girl realized that she had nothing to lose in life, she disclosed her breast, ripped clothes and threw herself into the hands of the sailors. Drunken crowd of hungry guys have suffered her outside and began to rape in the car, and then at the bags, which was lying at the yard, and so it was going on, until the whole crowd of men has not passed through the girl. previewdownload
The guy watched how somebody was raping his girl
The guy watched how somebody was raping his girl:

Local guide agreed to conduct a group of tourists through the woods and mountains, but in tourists group was a young blonde, who specially seemed likely to this guide and at night he attacked her near the camp. The girl fought back, but he put a gun to her temple and rescued the desire to resist. The girl continued to fight back, and he raped her at gunpoint. previewdownload
Whipped with whip and captured by force
Whipped with whip and captured by force:

Empty room of rich house and unhappy young beautiful girl alone with a brutal bandit. The girl was very attractive; bandit grabbed her clothes and toured it from her. Toured her bra and panties, he bared a beautiful young body and threw her onto a mattress which was lying on the bare floor. He calmed girls resistance with whip, he attacked her and began raping young and weakened from the beatings body. previewdownload
Wild gorilla rape on the island
Wild gorilla rape on the island:

Recluse savage on a wild island caught the woman, and put her in a cage. Colored himself in black paint, he began to dance in a circle, fenced with the logs. In the cage he had a gorilla, and this poor girl. He pulled the girl in to the circle; he climbed onto her, even though the girls fought backs, and with the roar of a wild male raped a girl surrounded by screaming gorilla. previewdownload
Rape in the night at the cemetery
Rape in the night at the cemetery:

The man has led the woman to the cemetery where she started to share her feelings. Emptiness of the night an abandoned cemetery, were saying about impunity of any action here, and then the little man threw himself on a woman. She began to beg him to leave her alone and let her go, but he continued to undress her and kiss her white breast. Then, spread legs, removed the pants, and raped her right in the grave. previewdownload
Girl paid for her rudeness by rape in the office
Girl paid for her rudeness by rape in the office:

A guy walked into the office to the girl, who started picking on him, he began to ask her to stop picking on him and give an opportunity to normally work. But she was firm, she diligently tried to do the work and with yelling and rude force make to do the same thing the guy. An enraged guy grabbed the clothes on the girl and tore it and did same to her panties, and spread her legs he raped her on the floor in the office. previewdownload
Asian gang raped two girls
Asian gang raped two girls:

Two girls in a period of not quiet war in Central Asia were in the wilderness. One tied another to the tree and whipped her with rods, but when she got pity and released victim, she felt a breath from the back. It was a gang of Asians with guns, she ran, but they caught her, raped and murdered. After the first girl they pursued the second, and caught up her in the mountain river and did the same, and after that drowned her. previewdownload
Rape in the woods near the road
Rape in the woods near the road:

Forest the night wilderness and desert road on which the girl happened to travel at night and in the wilderness, she stopped because of something suspicious outside. This was the cancerous mistake because the two men opened the car and dragged her to the ground. The girl did not have time to wake, as she was, dragged by legs, and putted on a hood and lifted up her skirt. One of the attackers took the girl by force and began to rape, while another was holding. previewdownload

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