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The rape of mother in front of a child
The rape of mother in front of a child:

It is beginning of the past century and out-of-the-way deserted village that was kept in awe by the whole band that had gained unlimited power in that countryside. Having broken in the house of the lonely young woman with little son at night, they broke the door open and got into the room. One of the bandits took a small boy off the bed and brought behind the door. And they attacked childís mother and raped in four. previewdownload
The rape over babe in the prison cell
The rape over babe in the prison cell:

Having made a pass at the arrested girl, the policeman proposed to bring her to the one-man cell in order to gain the desired in a unpunished way. As soon as he entered the room and slammed the door, the lass was hit on the face and was pressed to the wall by him. The cop undressed the victim and was climbing out of his clothing without stopping, and having pushed the blonde on the floor then, climbed on her and committed his planned rape over a young female prisoner. previewdownload
The rape of the thin lass in school WC
The rape of the thin lass in school WC:

A punkís band received a novice in its ranks that hadnít been tested in practice yet. They are holding the test for him, bringing him into male toilet. Having seized a young lass, they tossed her on the floor and started taking clothing off her in front of the newbie. And when they denuded her young and thin body, the chieftain ordered the novice to get down to the babe and start to rape her. It didnít take him long to make up his mind and was atop of the prey very soon. previewdownload
The rape by the fascist soldiers
The rape by the fascist soldiers:

The occupation of the territory was performed by fascists very quickly, and having captured a house, they killed all residents, but left one girl to be alive. Under command of the fascist female officer, the girl appeared in the large room where soldier were drinking beer and were looking at the female captive, grinning. The officer denuded the girlís bossom and allowed her beasts to do all they wanted. They started to rape her before officerís very eyes and deriding cruelly over her, wounding the victim. previewdownload
The photo of the rape
The photo of the rape:

A girl rented a room in a big house with one more lass that turned a living-room into studio. Apart from that, the studio was often used for parties. The girl came to her home and was going upstairs to her room when she was bothered by her neighborís guest. That nigger started bothering her on the ladder in front of everybody and tried to rape, but he was stopped by another man. But the one returned later and finished the started business in the girlís bedroom. previewdownload
A father assaulted a daughter
A father assaulted a daughter:

A young maiden grew up with father only, because the mother had abandoned them long ago. The father loved daughter, but with love that was uncharacteristic of the usual family. Having learnt that the dated with bloke, he dragged her to the underground and compelled her to obey to himself. Having put maiden on all fours and taken panties off her, the father raped his own daughter in a violent way as a punishment for relationships with another guy. previewdownload
The rape with bloody kisses
The rape with bloody kisses:

A bloke was very nice, kind and modest, and thatís why a lass entrusted herself to him and came to his house, where he changed and turned into madman and bulldozer all of a sudden. Firstly, he started to rape the prey in the bedroom, using blade for smooches with blood. Then he dragged victim to the basement, and burning her with candles while she was roped to the floor, continued his beastly assault over a trustful prey. previewdownload
Rape in party
Rape in party:

The house that was close to the forest was allotted for funny party. In the course of the soiree, one mellow guest started assaulting a maiden. The lass ran away to the trees near the house, but he found her there and knocked down on the ground. The alcohol and madness made bloke rape unhappy maiden. Her screaming attracted attention of the dog that guarded the house and bit him to death, and the girl finished him off with stone then. previewdownload
The rape was shot with camera
The rape was shot with camera:

A girl came to receive payment for lodging from three guys that lived in her house. The guys met the girl in a cheerful way and let into room. They gave her money and started shooting all that with camera. The girl decided to leave, but guys started kidding over her and didnít let her go. Then there appeared the third boy who stroke her on the face with all his might what knocked her down on the bed. At that moment two lads started raping this blonde. previewdownload
The rape by the wild tribe
The rape by the wild tribe:

A tribe of cannibals that dwells in these jungles attacked tourists permanently, and that girl didnít become an exception. She had been caught by them in the upper part of the river, but they brought her to their part of the forest where she was brutally raped near the tree by all male contingent of hunters. Then they watched her being beaten to death by clubs of their four fellow tribesmen so that they could eat her afterwards. previewdownload
A female tourist is raped by a savage
A female tourist is raped by a savage:

The cannibal caught a white girl and brought her nude and bound by boat on the river bank. Having roped her to the pole, he got down to holding a ritual. Beating the girl, he took out a wooden crowbar and started raping the girl with a piece of that log. Having thrown away a bloody log, he rolled up a sphere of mud and put in the girlís crotch area, having covered the injury. Then he put maiden in the boat and sent along the river. previewdownload

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