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Rape of the female teacher in school gym
Rape of the female teacher in school gym:

After university a young tutor came to teach in usual high school. After lessons he picked up her bag and went home, having looked into school gym on her way. It turned out to be empty and open. She was followed by the boy in clown’s mask. He caught her up in this gym. The lass tried to flee away, but having grabbed her arm and torn her blouse apart, the guy climbed upon her on the floor and groping breasts, abused the one on the ground. Having squeezed her hands, he raped young teacher on the floor of the school gym. previewdownload
Assault in the bar on the slot machine
Assault in the bar on the slot machine:

A girl came to the ordinary eating house with her new friend. The hash house was full of hungry and drunk guys. The lass was having good time, playing billiards with guys, and one of the lads started kissing her. The maiden returned affection. He put her on the slot machine and came to be sexually abusing. The lass was keeping resistance, but his dudes arrived in time. The blonde was raped by her new friend and a couple of his friends right in the bar. previewdownload
The mom heard her daughter being raped on the phone
The mom heard her daughter being raped on the phone:

The young lass was cooking a festive dinner for her mummy. She baked a wonderful cake, bought an ice sculpture and laid table with other delicious food. Talking with mom on the phone, she didn’t notice the rapist coming by her from behind and attacking the model. Having overthrown a table, he tossed maiden on the floor, and having picked up a skirt, started assaulting, and then took a lump of ice and killed maiden with header. previewdownload
Paparazzi shot violent rape with murder
Paparazzi shot violent rape with murder:

The guy dreams to become a famous journalist and goes everywhere with his camera in search for sensations. He decided to get into mansion of the young maiden in order to shoot her naked in a secret way, as she is very well-off and renowned. But instead of simple negligee, he records the rape of this colleen with his camera in the bedroom by unknown one who bound her with gluing tape and plugged her mouth. previewdownload
A female was abused at night by the guy in Jason mask
A female was abused at night by the guy in Jason mask:

The candy was driving a car on her own along a rural way and stopped by the hayloft in order to go pee-pee. At that moment the guy in working robe and hockey mask ran up to her from behind and, having snatched, dragged to the haymow. Still, she managed to get out of his way, but he caught her and knocked down on the hay again, but then started undressing and abusing her, giving an imitation of a horror movie hero. previewdownload
Assaulting and beating a gal by two perverts
Assaulting and beating a gal by two perverts:

Two men that were insane most obviously gain special pleasure beating young maidens and abusing them. Having caught a new youthful prey, they got her to the basement and having undressed her over there threw on the floor. The love started to kick over the traces, they got down to beating and grinning at her, and then abused a beaten body of the model who was bleeding and was all covered with bruises and scratches, and with crushed face. previewdownload
The lass was raped by stranger right after taking shower
The lass was raped by stranger right after taking shower:

The girl came home from work and got undressed, having taken off her stockings and put them on the chair. Having put on the dressing gown, she came to fill the bath with water in order to take a wash. After she returned, there appeared a bulldozer with mask that he had made out of her stocking in front of the babe. He took the gown off her very quickly and having bound hands with belt, pressed her to the bed with all body, holding her head, looking into eyes and assaulting. previewdownload
The rape in the car on the parking lot
The rape in the car on the parking lot:

The maiden started a car and decided to leave, but there jumped a guy into the car and started threatening lass with short work at the eleventh hour. If she wants to leave, she must give him all valuables what she did as a matter of fact, but the gizmo not only robbed maiden, he desired to appease his thirst, that’s why he raped her, having got her back of the car after robbery. In the end, he pulled the last jewel that was similar to pendant of the girl’s neck. previewdownload
The rape of Vietnamese girl
The rape of Vietnamese girl:

A usual village in Asia, rather out-of-the-way one where people live on agriculture and cattle breeding. A young female has been all alone without her parents since recently, and this is not the end of her woes. At rainy night a local bloke caught the maiden and brought to the empty field, having thrown her down into mud. He pressed her to the soil all being moist and started assaulting right in the dirt, ripping clothing and getting inside with satisfied with scowl. previewdownload
The lass turned man down but he forced her
The lass turned man down but he forced her:

The middle-aged male who is rather elderly and here is the new young girl of his that he desired very much in addition. The girl agreed to start relationships with him, but decided to limit herself with simple petting what didn’t please the guy at all. When she began grinning over him in his attic bedroom, he stroke her and started assaulting in a very atrocious way, plucking away her hair and proving that he was a strong ram yet. previewdownload
A dark-skinned lass was raped by three douchebags at the party
A dark-skinned lass was raped by three douchebags at the party:

The maiden went to the party of rich bloke that liked to have fun. She got acquainted with him exactly there. The one was polite and careful, and then led her to the room upstairs where two buddies of his had been expecting him. Having stricken lass on the face, the guy knocked her on the bed and tore her panties apart. Then he ordered his chum to rape her, and helped to hold her and was enjoying a small triumph over her helplessness. previewdownload
A young nun was raped on the church altar
A young nun was raped on the church altar:

The nun worked in the church and stayed there to look about it during night. It was exactly at that time that the church was attacked by two young drug addicts that desired to profane a shrine. They started overthrowing icons and statues of Blessed Virgin, and then, having caught the lonely nun, put her on the table beside crucifixion and undressed her young flawless body. Holding her face down, the guys started to rape a nun, guffawing with laughter that echoed all around the church. previewdownload

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