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The rape of the nurse
The rape of the nurse:

Several bandits broke into drug store intending to rob it. A young nurse worked there. One of the bandits grabbed lady and dragged into back room. Threatening with pistol there, he ordered her to undress, and raped afterwards. previewdownload
The rape in the park
The rape in the park:

The lass was walking in the park being all alone, when she saw that two tipsy guys were coming towards her. She didnít get scared as it was broad day-light. Still, the guys had no ggod intensions. They snatched a frightened babe and dragged into forest. One was holding a poor soul while the other was pulling panties off her beautiful booty, having hooked up the skirt. Then he lay on her from above and started assaulting while the latter was holding her hands. previewdownload
The rape by the group
The rape by the group:

Two girls together with a man were driving a car along a forest road in the vicinity of the farm of their parents. At the same time a group of the drunk guys were hunting nearby. The blokes had been sizing up young beauties for a long time by that moment already. This time they decided to entertain with girls and, threatening with weapon, stopped the car. The gals didnít have time to come to their senses when fell into clutches of the debauched males. The guy fell victim as well as he was raped by one of the bandits that preferred boys. previewdownload
Kidnapers movie
The Abductors:

The feature "Abductors" tells about the rampancy of the criminality in the city. This delinquency is connected with one gang that entertains through kidnapping young women and raping them mercilessly in their hide-out. It is very possible that it would all go on this way if they didn't get upon young girl-detective that desired to put them on to trial above all. previewdownload
The rape of beauty in the forest
The rape of beauty in the forest:

It is quiet forest. The beauty of high trees and summer greenness of the leafage and grass under feet. The lass is calmly taking a walk enjoying this beauty, but suddenly feels that someone is chasing her. The girl gets down to running, but this is already too late. The bulldozer assaults her and, having picked up the poor maiden's skirt, is committing a rape of the pussy in the forest, harrowing the victim's womb with his phallus. previewdownload
The rape in hospital
The rape in hospital:

The hospital for mentally sick people or booby hatch as they call it popularly. At night two guardians find a young girl in one of the wards for the purpose of amusement and drag her to the ward of the wel-known psycho, and having put her on the bed there, rape an unhappy female patient together taking turns in front of his eyes. A violent rape scene of the girl from Halloween, 2007, USA. previewdownload
Mother and daughter raped by soldiers
Mother and daughter raped by soldiers:

The war is a cruel time when people lose human feelings, morality, pity and conscience, but have only instincts. A mother with very youthful daughter hid in the deserted house. But as soon as they feel asleep, the crowd of soldiers dashed into the house who attacked mother' and young innocent daughter's bodies. The mother and daughter were raped by soldiers brutally satisfying their carnality. previewdownload
The girl outraged by three
The girl outraged by three:

Having flaked out with her new boyfriend after dinner, a pleased young sweetie put on a night gown and went to bed. It was knocked on the door, and being merry she ran to open the door, but there was no joy behind the door, but three broad-jumpers. Three bulldozers abused the maiden, violently and ruthlessly excruciating her young body, and having a field day with their power over the poor soul. previewdownload
The rape on the beach
The rape on the beach:

Having arrived at the quiet nook of this island, a girl found a large sandy beach where there was no one there. Enjoying solitude, she lay naked to get a sun-tan. After getting some tan, she got up and, having bended, started to pick up her things while a negro that swooped down upon her from behind plunked her on the head and she fell dead to the world. The rape of the unconscious maiden on the beach provided black guy with desired satisfaction. previewdownload
The rape of secretary in office
The rape of secretary in office:

The girls who work secretaries are often exposed to the attacks from the side of their chef as they are also sex-appeal and splendid wearing their chiffons and taking care of the chief. Having feasted eyes on the beauty of the shafts of his secretary, a cock-eyed chief didn't lost control and realized his long-held dream of assaulting the secretary in the office and, having placed maiden on the table, got down to banging from behind. previewdownload
The rape on the parking lot
The rape on the parking lot:

The girl loves her work and industriously performs her duties working extra hours at her working place. Today she has lingered far into the night, and having descended on the underground parking lot, went to her car. But she didn't manage to reach it when she was attacked by the bulldozer and dragged maiden to the ladder. Having stripped the panties off her and pulled up her skirt, he penetrated into her, having realized his rape desire on the parking lot. previewdownload
Rape in hostel
Rape in hostel:

The movie with Ornella Muti in which a violent rape in the hostel over a new girl takes place. The maiden just settled in the dormitory, but she became the object of likeness of the envious female neighbours because of her beauty. In the evening three lassies broke into the new girl's room and started string the clothing away from her. Having taken the panties off the victim, they started to carry out their muddy business deriding over the girlie. previewdownload

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