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The cannibal tribe derided over the lass
The cannibal tribe derided over the lass:

After the catastrophe, the gal managed to get ashore and crawl a bit more to the jungles, but she went pissed-off and got swooned. The tribe of the aborigines found the white maiden, stripped her down and brought to the leader as prey. The leader had a look at her beautiful body of the flaccid sister that was lying unconscious, and rushed at her to get her assaulted, and then all tribe males got the taste of the white bint. previewdownload
Two girls were raped by hooligans
Two girls were raped by hooligans in the port:

The crowd of the mellow wealthy guys drove cars to the port. Being cock-eyed, they made one girl from the crowd dance nude in the crowd of the porn hooligans that started raping the lass after the dance, and others were frightened by the gun. The only maiden who decided to come to the defense of her girlfriend fell the prey of the rape by herself under the gunpoint. previewdownload
Kidnapping of girl by smugglers
Kidnapping of girl by smugglers:

The dangerous world of game with criminality. The guy who wanted to imprison a large band of smugglers and give into hands of police fell victim of their beastly methods. His girlfriend was kidnapped by them, and being inclined to act seriously and having no pity and humanity, they beat the maiden and put on the table. Tearing off her clothing, they get her on the stomach, and a tall chieftain gets between her legs, undoing her zipper. previewdownload
Car crash and rape
Car crash and rape:

The lass was driving a car along the road, she was running away from evil-minded chasers, but not having coped with steering, she flew out upon the side road, and her car was rolling down the hill and caught fire there. The lass managed to survive with her life and got out of car. She ran straightforward to the road, but her chasers had already been on watch for her. She couldn’t flee from five weaponed males and fell a victim of their rude carnality. previewdownload
The rape of a rich old party’s wife
The rape of a rich old party’s wife:

A rich house and a rich old man that found a young red-haired maiden to be his wife. Still, such prosperous life leads to a great number of sopeheads wishing to outrage and mock at her. Three young guys dressed in white attires and clown masks broke into the house and having plugged rich old party’s mouth knocked him down on the floor and holding made him watch his young red-haired wife being assaulted. previewdownload
Atrocious rape in film The Howling
Atrocious rape in film "The Howling":

Two men with stockings on heads rope a lass to the bed, then start tearing off her T-shirt and shorts. Then one of them gets undressed and lowers the boom on her from above and takes her by force. The second takes a force cup in hands pushed not into the hole it is assigned for. The poor bird was screaming with pain and helplessness, but nobody heard her. previewdownload
The rape of the maidservant in film Death Wish - 2
The rape of the maidservant in film "Death Wish - 2":

The bandits broke into an alien house when there was only a maidservant there. She tried to flee, but men caught her and tossed on the sofa. Taking turns, they got down to rape maiden in a violent and methodic way paying no attention to her pleas. A sturdy black man raped her in doggy pose, the other threw her on the bed and took her in the classic position. The next one fucked her mouth, and the forth took her fanny by force. previewdownload
Straw Dogs – the rape of the broomstick
"Straw Dogs" – the rape of the broomstick:

The husband left to go hunting and a young wife remained home alone. At that time a man-stranger who knew that husband was out gets inside an alien house in order to rape an alien wife. He had been beguiling that beauty for long time already that constantly walked around the city wearing seductive trappings and now he has a real chance to get her done. She had no chance against the adult two-fisted man. He knocked upon the sofa and got hold of her. One of his friends joined the rape of the alien wife a bit later. previewdownload
Death Wish 2 – the rape of girl
"Death Wish 2" – the rape of girl:

What is a youthful girl to do if she is seized by several criminals? Even an adult woman will be scared to death by all events taking place, not speaking about a youthful gal. She was a seductive lass and one of the bandits put the eye on her. He started stroking her legs, then breasts, having unbuttoned shirt and bra. The poor thing could nothing but endure all sexual harassments having set her teeth. She hoped he would stop, but he tore panties off her and raped in front of his sidekicks. previewdownload
The rape on the road
The rape on the road:

A man was driving a car along the road and saw a young girl riding a bike in the same direction. The road was completely empty and there germinated a cunning plan in the man’s head. He overran her, waited until she would be passing by and attacked. Having knocked down on the ground, he dragged a frightened lark to the waste ground, where he ripped clothing off her, beat and raped. previewdownload
The rape of Jennifer Aniston in hotel
The rape of Jennifer Aniston in hotel:

Clive Owen with his girlfriend (Jennifer Aniston) hire a room in the hotel where they are going to make love after a party. Clive forgets to lock the door and the robber breaks inside the room. He gets the purse, but it is not enough for him. A hell-raiser starts putting the make on Jennifer, but Clive attacks him, and robber beats the tripe out of him. Feeling his supremacy later on, he assaults Jennifer Aniston. previewdownload
Sex in garage under constraint
Sex in garage under constraint:

The subterranean garage is one of those few places where an ill-wisher may can be on the watch you. A youthful and sympathetic vixen was parking her car there. The keys fell down under a passenger seat and she was pottering around in it doing her best to get them out. At that time a guy was watching her from the nearby car. He was brought on by the sexual looks of the beauty and having crept to her, when she was getting out of car, knocked her senseless. While she was unconscious, he placed her on the seat and started undressing and groping her. Then having stripped dress of her, he took her by force. previewdownload

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